Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wonderful Review of an Inspired Bird

I was so excited and touched to have one of my inspired birds included in an Art Review by Alyice Edrich, The Dabbling Mum!  She describes how she purchased one of my birds and step by step of opening the package and a description of the piece.   You can read the full review at http://thedabblingmum.blogspot.com/search/label/Art%20Reviews  I've only posted a part below...

"September 12, 2011, posted on the 13th
Sometimes there are advantages to reading the art blogs of artists you admire… and on September 1st, I had one of those moments.

You see, Kitty D, of Pumpkinhead Studio (http://pumpkinheadstudio.blogspot.com/2011/09/take-flight-to-imagination.html), had just posted some gorgeous photos of her latest artwork (photos by the way that had me drooling for a new camera, or at the very least the background paper she was using!) and instantly, I knew I wanted that piece........

The tag reads, "Take Flight to the Imagination"…
What a perfect sentiment for someone who is ready to "take flight" herself…"

Reading this review was so fun!  Not just because it was about my work, but in general!  Alyice writes great reviews, adding in photos, building the anticipation then telling you where to find what she is reviewing.
Hop on over to Alyice's blog, http://www.thedabblingmum.blogspot.com/ where you will find reviews of art, books, music, food and much more.  You should also check out her website, http://www.thedabblingmum.com/ to see Alyice's beautiful art!
Thank you, Alyice!

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  1. You're welcome. Much deserved... Loved, uh love, my birdie!