Monday, October 24, 2011

NEW - Gretchen and Kitty

This is my latest Pumpkinhead!  Well, she might be more of a squash, I think. 
Regardless, this is Gretchen with her little Kitty....

Gretchen is wearing her favorite little frock that her mom made for her.  She loves the big orange spots!

If you are wondering about the sly smile on Gretchen's face, it could be because she is secretly plotting how to paint Kitty black with big orange spots so she can match her favorite frock, but she knows she would get into big trouble if she did that!  Still.......

Gretchen is about 8 inches tall.  She is a semi-posable shelf sitter (cannot stand on her own).  She is purely sculpted with paperclay.  Her arms and legs are sculpted with polymer clay.  She is then painted and stained with professional liquid acrylics.  Her eyes are glass.

Gretchen and Kitty are available today in my Etsy shop

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