Friday, July 1, 2011

Art Doll - Penelope P. Pumpkinhead

There is something about the name "Pumpkinhead" that appeals to me (obviously).  So I was wondering the other day why I haven't created a Pumpkinhead doll.  Why not?  So I set to work and out came Penelope.  Sorry, that would be Penelope P. Pumpkinhead.  

As a little girl, Penelope likes to dress up in all the pretty dresses that her mommy makes for her but only if she can wear her favorite sneakers too.  She is hand-sculpted with layers of paper clay and painted with acrylics.  Her eyes are glass.  Her pretty little dress is repurposed velvet that I "stained" with a bit of bleach.  Her stockings are stitched from repurposed jersey.  Her arms are hand-sculpted from polymer clay, as are her sneakers.  Her sneakers are laced up with silk ribbon.  She is free standing and about 8 inches tall.

Penelope will be available in my Etsy shop soon.

Update:  SOLD
Thank you, Joan

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  1. I love this one! Pumpkinhead always makes me think of the cheesy 80's horror movie of the same name :)