Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Painting to Share

Wow, I feel so guilty about neglecting this blog for over a month!  That tends to happen this time of year with the holidays rapidly approaching.  This year I'm trying to create a handmade gift for those on my list.  Throw in a couple holiday parties and before you know it time has slipped away.

Anyway I wanted to share with you the painting I created of our little Maggie...

I started with torn pieces of decorative paper.  Simply ripped them into squares and rectangles and attached them as a mosaic on the canvas (this one is 24 x 36) and attached with a gel medium.
Then, after it dried, I sketched the outline of Maggie and used a white Gesso to paint the basic shape.  I used the photo I took of her with her pumpkin as the model.

When that was dried, the fun started.  I painted the background using a wash of green, then added texture using some bubble wrap and an old credit card.  I had actually added a wash of blue on the top portion of the canvas but decided I didn't like it so I just tore up a bit more paper and covered it up.   I used liquid acrylics to layer in Maggie's fur and detail her features.

Finally, I added in some shading, again with liquid acrylics.

This was the largest painting I'd done to date.  It was a lot of fun!   

Have a happy day!

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