Friday, August 12, 2011

New Works in Process

Every summer, Mr. D. and I look at each other and ask "Why do we live here?"  Arizona, Summer, 118 degrees!  But when looking for the "sunny" spot of living in Arizona in the Summer, I have to say there is no better place to make dolls with air drying clay.  When I make my dolls with air drying clay, such as PaperClay, I sculpt it in layers.  The most frustrating thing is having to wait for a layer to dry so I can build up another layer, but hey, when it is sunny and hot and dry outside, this process is really quick!

I have three new Pumpkinhead dolls in process.  I love to show you my WIP so here we go. This one is the Pumpkinheads "sunbathing" between layers.

Here are more shots of their progress...

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