Friday, June 3, 2011

Hand Delivered

The Queen
requests the pleasure of your company
at the 
Fairies' Ball
on the
First Full Moon
after the
Bluebells Bloom
at the
Queen's Palace on Water's Edge

Meet Gilroy, the Queen's Messenger.  His current assignment.....hand deliver the Queen's invitations to the Fairies Ball.

Gilroy is made with fabric and paperclay.  His wings are hand knitted with wire thread.  His eyes are glass and his hair is mohair.  He wears a blouse hand stitched from an antique hankie and he carries the Queen's invitations in a hand stitched leather pouch.  His mount (fish) is fabric, coated with transparent gesso and sanded to a smooth finish.  His "mask" is hand knitted wire.  He too has glass eyes.  Gilroy is approximately 9" tall.  Seated on his mount he is approximately 18".

I pondered on Gilroy for some time.  He just wasn't speaking to me.  When that happens, I find it best to sleep on it a bit, knowing that when he was ready he'd let me know his true identity.


  1. Love love love him! Seriously awesome piece of work.

  2. Kitty... "Gilroy" is so very cool... I wish I would have stopped here at your blog before viewing him at Cloth & Clay Dolls...I had so many questions about materials; but you have answered them all here. Just wonderful...