Monday, September 27, 2010

Bat Outta Hell

When bats fly out of hell, do you ever wonder what comes out with them?  I know that is creepy but as we approach Halloween the creepiness factor tends to go up doesn't it?  That seems to be what happened with my latest Art Doll.

"Bat Outta Hell" started with a spring.  No, not the season, but an actual spring that I found in the parking lot.  I kept playing with it and thinking I should use it for a doll's body but I didn't want him to be a typical "Jack" and although a clown would have been traditional, they kinda creep me out.  So I went to the dark side....well sort of to the edge of the dark side....stuck my big toe in maybe.

He is made with layers and layers of paperclay, his arms and the bats are polymer clay and he is painted with layers of acrylics and pastels.  His sweater is handstitched from a recycled sock.  When I found his tumbstone in a halloween shop, I knew it was the perfect final touch!  He is available in my Etsy shop.  Feel free to visit.

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