Thursday, August 12, 2010

Too Many Ideas / Not Enough Time

Have you ever had so many creative ideas swimming around in your head that you can't focus long enough to fish one out? That's what happens to me after I've finished creating a doll. I have so many ideas for the next doll, that I can't focus.
That's when I turn to painting. With my studio time limited as it is, working on a small painting takes my mind away from the dolls for a little while and allows me to slow the flow. Most of my paintings start with a collage of paper, creating the background for my subject. Not only does this allow me to use the closet of scrapbook paper I own but it also allows me to complete the painting faster since I don't have to worry about a background.'s fun! I just cut, or tear, the paper and arrange it on a board or canvas (depending on what's around) and paste it down with some soft gel medium. Next I'll give it a light top coat of the gel medium (haven't reached this step yet in the photo), then I'm ready to paint. More to follow on this project.

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